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Oct 17, 2006
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My Les Paul Members:

We thank you for your patience and support as we upgraded to our new forum software. We hope you are enjoying the new options and features. We now have new options for a Premium Membership, including options to remove the sidebar and advertisements. Available at:

A Premium Membership is $20 a year and includes:

- a Premium Member badge on your user title to let others know you support MLP
- a Personal Album capacity of 1 GIG of storage
- The ability to have photos in your signature
- The ability to customize your title from "Premium Member"
- Access to Private forum(s)

New "No Sidebar" and "No Ads" Options

Based on your feedback, we now have options available to remove the sidebar and to remove all advertisements. These options are available at the link above. If you already purchased a premium membership, and want to upgrade to remove the sidebar we are offering a limited time upgrade for $10 per year! The no sidebar option makes the forum full screen on all pages and removes all elements of the sidebar, including the sidebar ads. If you prefer a full screen experience this is the option for you. Also, by only eliminating the sidebar, and not choosing our No Ads option, you'll see our sponsor ads from guitar industry advertisers!

Some want no ads at all. If you are an existing Premium Member, you can purchase an upgrade to our No Ads option for $12 per year. This a special limited time offer. You'll see no ads, and no sidebar as well.

If you are not a premium member yet, your options are Premium Member $20, Premium Member No Sidebar $25, Premium Member No Ads $40.

If you have questions about the premium membership please post to our Front Desk forum.
Not open for further replies.

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