MJT Butterscotch Blackguard Tele w/ Whitfill pickups. SOLD


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Jun 28, 2015
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Here is a killer MJT relic'd Butterscotch Blackguard Tele. Lightly aged, light (6 lbs. 14 oz.) ash body. Hardware aged to match. Beautiful, dark rosewood fingerboard on maple neck with finish sanded off for lightning quick action. String-through body with Vintage-style 3 brass barrel adjustable bridge. Proprietary Charles Whitfill pickups hand-wound from Onamac Windery. Neck profile is a soft V; nut width is 1.5"; depth is .90 at 1st fret and .98 at 12th fret (measured from back of neck to top of fret).
Comes with a soft, plywood shipping case that doubles as a carrying case.

This baby sings!

$1095 shipped CONUS and PP (gift preferred, but regular OK too). NO TRADES.

MJT Tele front.JPG
MJT Tele body front.JPG
MJT Tele fingerboard.JPG
MJT Tele headstock.JPG
MJT Tele back full.JPG
MJT Tele body back.JPG

$1095 shipped CONUS and PP. NO TRADES.
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