MINT 1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition


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Dec 14, 2010
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For canadians only...3000$ CAD

1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition, this looks to be a custom order they did back then in 1995. It is all original and unique. It has a three piece top with a gorgeous wine red finish on which you can see all the wood grain, the photos really don’t do it justice. The pickups are Gibson 490T at the bridge and Gibson 490R at the neck, all gold hardware, rosewood fingerboard, all solid, no chambering, none of that silliness.

The 90’s Gibson are well known for amazing quality and this one is no exception. The feel and the tone out of this guitar is out of this world. The tone is huge and warm, very resonant and a lot of sustain. You hold up that B string at the twelve fret and it just sings, it sustains forever. I can’t find words to explain how good sounding this guitar is. The neck is very comfortable, my favourite, it is a rounded 59. The action is low with no buzz, straight neck, pro setup done by my luthier, plays like butter. This is one of the best and easiest playing guitars I had owned.

The guitar is impeccable, except for some very light small marks on the back that can’t even been photographed, thats how small they are, this guitar is dead mint. It looks like it came out from the store today. This might be the cleanest 1995 Standard ever. The case is impeccable too.

Sadly, i need to finance another project and I have to let this one go but man, who is getting this is getting one hell of a guitar.