Memorial Day Git-Fiddle '63 SG/LP JR


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Jun 4, 2012
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How about a Memorial Day git-fiddle Gibson posting? This is one of my all time favourite guitars, a '63 SG/Les Paul Jr with one of, if not the best, early 60s neck I've ever played. Most don't like the Maestro and modify or have taken taken it out all together but this one stays in tune and works well as a vibrato.

This guitar is a feather at around 6.5 lbs AND it resonates all day long. The dogear P90 pickup is one of the sweetest I've ever heard, and although it's not a museum piece, it will more than hold its own against any guitar any day of the week, having successfully won or placed in several Pepsi taste challenges against a few 50s and early 60s LP STDs. SGs & LP Customs. Sadly, it's not played as much these days becasue in the last 10+ years I've worn down the already well used frets and it needs to be refretted.

It came from the old Southworth Guitar shop in Bethesda in the very early 2000s. It was randomly chosen by Gil to play with for a customer looking at one of his amps. Needless to say Gil stashed and took it home to keep in his personal collection.

The amp is a '72 or '73 Park 75 over a 4x12 '70 straight cabinet with non-original pulsonic 75hz 25 watters. When you combine the two the sound is, well, big!
SG JR with Park small.jpg