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Mar 20, 2022
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I got a Melody Maker/SL for Christmas and just finished the first round of mods to it. Very excited because it is my first time really doing some serious work on a guitar and I got it done and it works. I moved the jack from the pick guard to the lower bout like a proper Les Paul and added a second tone pot into the pick guard where the jack had been. I was planning to put p90’s in it so I replaced the old pots with Mojotone 500k vintage taper and Orange Drop caps. The neck pickup actually sounds quite good and I could live with it but the bridge pickup was really bright to begin with. With 500k pots and.022 caps it is really bright and clear and will not break up. I understand that is a problem for Strats and I assume it is similar with these too. So now begins the search for at least a new bridge pickup. I’m tickled pink about how it looks and how my circuit mods worked on the first try. Any of you guys played around with these?


Jun 7, 2012
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I thought about modding an SL once. Went to the store and the ones they had on display were so badly finished I decided to buy a gibson melody maker instead.

Sounds like you got the one playable example so congrats on that. Got any pics of it with the mods?

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