May be Time for Solo ART/POETRY album

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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I have been sifting through my ARTISTIC Output-HOLY CRIPES- I'm one BUSY monkey! I have over 12 HOURS of loops-not shit -REAL ideas and fully finished pieces. I was told by a seer that I DIE DIE DIE in 2027? Do I believe her? She was HOT. Looked like Niagra.

"I see GREAT things..
"Listen, NO BULL-no glib silly silly-give me THE MEAT!"
"Well Tim, not good , you are going to leave this plain in 2027."
"Hell, what year is this?"

No kidding, I never know what year it is- I created my own calendar as instructed by William Burroughs

'It is 2012."
"So, I die in 15 years? Not bad. Will it be bloody?"
"Oh yes."
"Do not tell MRS.FEZZ she doesn't take bad news well."
"I won't."

I left the "cold reading".

"Angel, your turn."
"What did she tell you?"
" I have many GREAT years ahead!"

MRS. FEZZ went into the smokey room. I laughed


15 years has now become 5!
Do I believe her?
Yes and no. When I was "sent back " in '66 I was told-"MOVE AIR- I WANT YOU TO MOVE AIR!
This was told to me as I lay dying - car crushed into a tree.
"GREAT CASHEW- will I make it past 30?"
" #2356000999999999- Yes, you will almost double 30!"

I was 24 when I died in 1940-knife in belly-made it to 26 when DRUNK I hit the tree-so almost double 30=59 which I will be in 2027! YIKES!

I talked with THE GIANT CASHEW for eternities before being REBORN. I was "given" endless secrets. Most came true! Still, many things I was "told" did not come to fruition- THE GIANT CASHEW said I would be admired by thousands- No, I only have 63 "fans." I was also told I would lose my right eye in a boating accident-DID NOT HAPPEN...................

Still, if the ORACLE is right- I better start "culling" my legacy.


I have released two albums so far-GREAT ALBUMS-real albums that flow-I have a NEW FEZZ being mixed=The Sun is a Ghost. Saturday we start work on Daddy Dust EXTENDED Ep- then dbl opus=PAINT IT FEZZ.........

All well and good-5 stellar albums is no joke-as good of a run as most bands people "slobber" over, but, my R+R stuff barely dips a toe into my ouvre'. I have 15 years of my dreams written in notebooks-close to 5500 dreams to decipher! Also over 300 ART photos that must be printed+++++++++++++++all the new POETRY and OLD FEZZ POETRY +++++++++6 hours of ART Super 8 films to be transferred!


I guess come 2022 I better start finishing MY WORK IN THIS REALM-----or not?
I may instruct my STUNT GUITARIST to burn EVERYTHING.......he will be told if he pulls a "Max Brod" I will make his dick fall off!

>>>Although he was a prolific writer in his own right, he is best remembered as the friend and biographer of writer Franz Kafka. Kafka named Brod as his literary executor, instructing Brod to burn his unpublished work upon his death. Brod refused and had Kafka's works published instead.>>>.

Decisions decisions.........

I do know I must produce at LEAST one spoken word album. I sat there last night listening to my odd intsros-so many images popped into my head=women mating with GIANT SPIDERS- men with apples for eyes- headless babies swimming in mud- you know- silly things.

Here is a taste of what the ART SOLO album will sound. This will be on it=They Died with Buttercups in their Mouths

.........Feb 6, 2016 · Modern writers routinely claim that the mammoth died instantly with “buttercups in its mouth,” or some variation thereof....

I hit record and used my SECRET BUTTERCUP TUNING.............

Tim I'm confused?

About what?

Seers-DEATH- super 8 film+ Buttercups?


I still think this is too abstract for anybody to understand this.


OK, I just think you don't know your "audience.'

Well, SNOWMANFEZZ I love you.....that is ALL that matters
Thanks Tim, LOVE YOU TOO

So here is a "taste" of the JUNK I'm planning on using as a backbeat to my "POETRY."

Man, I'm light-headed- all this ART TALK is making me see purple spots!

This vid was shot shortly after I was told of my DEATH- 2012-- it was a CRAZY year-THEY tried to "throw a net " over me----NO GO-passed my "sanity " test'...NA NA NA NAAAAAAAAAA ...Butter cups "appears" 5 minutes in>>>

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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What is this "maybe"

What have you done with Fezz :run:
Jymbo-IT IS TIME! I can finish things quickly- I just hit play-open up my brain=INSTANT ART. You are right-----NEW FEZZ POETRY CD ------only $777 call now!
I'm not sure poetry is the "in" thing right now, I think ass art is making a big splash.
KSG- POETRY is never "in" , actually it was from 1950-1957---I enjoy "mime" also.....I like to annoy people!

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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it's a long way to the bottom if you want to Rock and Roll. >>>>>>
The year was 1980. I bought a guitar. I took several lessons from an old Jazzer with rotten gums. I practiced Twinkle Twinkle....Time chipped---dirty chunks. 11 years. No more Twinkle Twinkle-time for the anger. Working with clownish boy/men kissing up to BOSSMEN-dirtying their knees-getting the same pay......Plugging into THE RIP-OFF----E chord-D chord-SLOP chord.....finding other turds to fill the punch-bowel. Achieving NOTHING....."Wow....we had 17 people out to see us-----22----5------11 including dead siblings>>>> Forcing the beat-DO YOU KNOW A DRUMMER?.......2017- Pissant parade. I sit here typing. I have achieved many things. Written dozens of songs that mites will laugh at as the burrow into the waxed minds. I will drive,this Saturday to the bar---it will be full for the hockey game----the bugs will drink and skitter away. I will look at my drummer---the bassist will burp---I will hit THE PERFECT E CHORD-----and ----somewhere a demon will get his tale/tail


So....The Joffrelle appeared...I am EVERYTHING-you are tar. Tar? Yes-creation is messy-flesh and blood are just words. You are almost liquid......I waited in this hole for 11 weeks waiting for THE WORD-I get tar? The Joffrelle then almost ignited? Something odd happened to his-the Joffrelle is a he-Foffrelle' is a she- being.....THE BODY ------very limited spark-no great wisdom- I walked away........
I was not sure. The Tander was high near treason-One slip into haste...
Tander jutted up-"Yes?"
"Am I made a flesh......
Tander sharpened----TiftttTtttTtttTt---the branch struck.
What apppeared? Who gives a Huff?


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May 19, 2021
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I’m happy to play on your spoken word album making some sweet sounds in the background. Would be the achievement of my life.

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