"Mass shootings" threads..

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Mar 19, 2010
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*Mod Note*

Guys, the media is going to ramp-up and sensationalize these occurrences that happen every day of every year, yet go unreported.

It's the "thing" now, the media striking when they feel the iron is hot. It is pure sensationalism of a tragic yet common thing.

Posting such media is turning the backstage into a news channel, ripe with opportunity to argue and fight. That's what they want.

WE are going to be a haven from mass media here. People do not come to MLP to discuss what's raging on the news.

People come here to get away from that.

So please, no more of these threads. They are going to be dumped. Repeats of this are going to be dealt with more intensely.

thanks in advance for your consideration.

-MLP Mod Staff.
Not open for further replies.

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