Marshall DSL 50 head, Scumback M75 speakers, Celestions, Mojo cab

Fiesta Red

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Jan 5, 2008
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Selling it all:

Marshall DSL 50 head, retubed and biased with brand new Tung Sol preamp and Mullard power tubes, excellent condition, no issues whatsoever, $750 shipped

Scumback M75 65 watt speakers, 16 ohm, sold

Celestion G12T75s. 16 Ohms, good condition, I have 2 of tham available at $50 each shipped

Celestion Blue, excellent condition, 8 ohm, $200 shipped

Weber 12PNT, 8 ohm, light doping, 25 watts, $75 shipped

Mojo 4x12 straight cab, excellent condition, unloaded, casters installed, $300 local pickup only in the Sacramento area

Absolutely no trades please. Paypal is okay if you add 3.3% for fees

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