Making sense of BB Pro's being "four conductor" yet actually connecting to the controls using five wires.


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Jan 14, 2009
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Based on your advice I am keeping all options open as I consider how to proceed. For me, it now boils down to whether I'd prefer 50's to modern, and/or whether a treble bleed can do something similar or the same as 50's wiring. I've been reading up. I will say that so far it's not cut and dry that 50's is always better. Some apparently informed opinions are that it's also somewhat pickup dependent, which stands to reason. Will keep reading, but in the meantime I have a curious theoretical technical question for you or anyone else.

Consider a typical single coil pickup. Enclose that pickup in opaque plastic wrap and let two identical wires extend from it, of which one is the start of the coil and one is the end.

Is there any experiment that can be conducted to determine which wire is the start of coil?

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