M2M Limits?


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Mar 17, 2020
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M2M ... talk about a misnomer.

Kind of like Henry Ford and the Model T. Old Henry said you could order it any color you wanted as long as it was black.
I am not bashing it, just pointing out that you cannot go in there and get ANYTHING you want. There are limits. I am not that particular about some things (very particular about others) and most of what I am looking for is alreay available on CS models with little need for an M2M (I like a real ABR-1, a long neck tenon, and like certain pickups over others. I dont like "clown burst" but other than that I can see the beauty in most LPs (my current 2 that I rotate are Tangerine Burst Flame and Trans Black Quilt.. I am a wood grain guy but Gibson does a good job of that on production models. I like a medium-fat neck (not baseball, not SG late 60s thin. I quickly figured out I am not an M2M guy but I am not putting down anyone who is.

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