"Lunchboxes" and tube amp appreciation


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Nov 19, 2011
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Never did post the STiFF so here it is. It has taken over the lead role over my Blackstar and Marshall. It is a Lil STiFFY Dirthead 50w. It is a lot of watts for such a small size.



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Jan 9, 2012
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I've played 4 of the ones you listed...

class 5 didn't do it for me at all, imo, it didn't sound good until it was cranked, too loud for home use, and even then, lacked versatility for me...

the tubemeister (18) I played I wanted to like so much, but the sound was too hi-fi, for lack of a better word for me...

I love my Ht5, can't complain about it at all. lots of gain, sounds great... does have diode clipping which some might not like, but it lets me get higher gain at lower volume, and still sounds great... the HT pedals are great, and this amp basically has one built in...

the tweaker... I still want one.. eventhough it's 15w, I still might try and snag one.

$100. one knob.

Kustom Defender 5H Guitar Amp Head at zZounds

That's so Rock N Roll!

I had the 15w for a while... it's actually great.. perfect pedal platform, or clean, doesn't get REAL dirty... but for the $ how can you beat it? hit it with a clean boost and boom. it sounds great. mine was rasp, thick in 4w mode at first, but later cleaned up ... maybe it was the speaker breaking in? idk


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Oct 8, 2011
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I like the little Yamaha I bought last year. It sounds great, runs on batteries and it looks pretty cool

Ryder loves his little Orange and I was surprised at how good it sounded.

but I still prefer the sound of a bigger tube combo. I can bop the Mesa down to 50w and use the baffle if needed. I can just take the combo or include the matched cab for a half-stack kind of thing for outdoor shows or big stages. It sounds amazing at any volume but it's heavy as hell.:laugh2:


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