LR BAGGS X Bridge Installed on A Warmoth Strat


Sep 16, 2012
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Hi all. I installed a LR Baggs Vintage Strat X-Bridge on a Warmoth Chambered Body Swamp Ash Strat with a Fender "Strat" neck. I did this in the possible chance of someday playing live solo and being able to alternate between acoustic guitar and electric rhythm or lead in any given song being performed. I am not under any delusions about this bridge making my Partscaster sound like a Martin or a Taylor acoustic guitar, but I am finding the tones absolutely useable. I am playing through a modified Peavey KB-100 keyboard amp. I upgraded the speakers with a JBL K-130 and JBL mid-high (human voice range I-cannot-remember-the-model-number) speaker. The sound of this amp with the mods are pretty incredible. The issue I am having is what is a typical eq settings for acoustic guitar? Thanks.

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