Low wattage 1X12 cab opinions


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Jul 23, 2007
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These are a good option for cheap n empty, don't know of a better deal out there:
Seismic Audio Empty 1x12

Avatar is a good option as well.

edit: As far as choosing speakers, I have found that there's no substitute for actually playing them through your rig... not even close. So I suggest buying used and keep flipping until you find what you want. As an example: I can't stand greenback/M type speakers in anything but closed back, and even then, not my cupa - but others love 'em - and when I hear others playing them - in front of me - they can sound great, they're just not for me. & the only way I found that out was by playing through them. Fortunately speakers are relatively cheap so buying and flipping is within reach for lots of folks if they desire to do it. Pay attention to wattage AND sensitivity.

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