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Dec 24, 2014
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Recently I changed the Schaller Nashville saddles to bell brass ones from ABM. Although Schaller says their saddles are brass, they are not, or at least it’s some kind of alloy and sure not proper brass.

This can be verified by seeing that under the plating what appears is a gray color and not yellow:


I have checked this with two different bridges. However, bridge posts seems to be indeed brass.

Well, I got true bell brass saddles from ABM, filled them and found what I was looking for:


But the most important thing is the sound. Honestly I didn’t expect such change.

I’ve never been after warm jazzy sounds or sustain, and prefer spanky and bright Les Pauls instead, so I was afraid of brass dulling the sound of the guitar, but not. Only the unpleasant hight frequencies have gone while the guitar keeps all the twang. Just like when you play a nice Fender, that is quacky/twangy but sweet and not ear piercing.
Les Pauls can be harsh sounding sometimes and you have to fight taming the beast. And this is happening also in the unplugged sound, so it’s not something that can be just fixed completely tweaking the amp.

I was so happy with the result that I wanted to share it with you. Now it sounds more musical, balanced, sweet, and you can dial it to get brighter sounds than before without sounding harsh.
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