Looks like I have a new nut to make...

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Sep 10, 2016
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So I got out the car from band practise last night, slung my guitar over my shoulder, and cringed in horror as a noise like a can being crushed through an amplifier rung out from behind me. Turns out the bottom of my gig bag was actually open, and I hadn't as I had previously thought, zipped it completely shut. This resulted in my guitar hitting the concrete deck with the full force of gravity from 3 and a half feet above the ground. I looked in sheer panic and the damage, and I am genuinely shocked that there were only a few wee chips around the thing, much less than some of the well played guitars I have had, however the nut took a beating and now although functional, looks like crap so. Looks like I'm getting the tools out haha

Btw it was my Gretsch Streamliner that hit the deck- nothing desperately special and something I am not afraid to use and abuse, hence why I take j
it to rehearsals for a thrash punk band but hey. I would rather not have to make a new nut and have a nice looking guitar...


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