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Nov 11, 2019
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OK, it's that time, and it seems there is always a new tool or more supplies to purchase, so thought it might be helpful to list relevant sales in a thread. Please add any you are aware of. Here are a few:

Elevate Lutherie - makes the "ultimate binding jig" and several other cool jigs and tools. 10% off cy10

Philadelphia luthier tool & supply - various luthier tools and supplies - 15% off BLACKFRIDAY2020 (thanks jkes01!)

Bartlet Guitar Parts - 20% with code BFCM! Thanks Tom!

Please add any relevant sales you know. Thanks! Mark

Disclaimer - I have no association with any of these suppliers and assume no liability for any issues with your spouse or partner over use of aforementioned codes. Use at your own risk.


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Jan 19, 2012
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Tools Today - has 10% off - LINK - They have all the possible router bits you would need for guitar building.

FABER USA - 20% off - LINK

Stew Mac - LINK

Plus 1 for the Bartlett Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale weekend. I will say I am somewhat affiliated with Tom. I have helped him with his plans and also metal templates that he sells on his site.

We have just laser scanned a 1962 Gibson Les Paul guitar and created a 3d model from the scans. This model and raw scan data was used to create MDF routing templates and a set of plans that Tom is now selling on his site. It was a lot of fun working on these files. Check them out if you get a chance.

Here is a pic of the 3d model. I'll probably spend some time and add more detail, like frets, components, tuners etc.


Cheers Peter.
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