Lets see your #1 Les Paul

Uncle Vinnie

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Jul 2, 2017
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MY 1996 Les Paul 56 with Lollar P90s. No pedal board on this gig. I do however have a Caitlinbread Echorec
in the effects loop. Ice tea by Dunkin Donuts.
This guitar weighs just under 8lbs. She can scream and purr like a Mountain Lion.
This is the guitar I play when I want to have fun. Nice chunky neck. The tone from this guitar is beyond amazing.
A Christmas gift from my then fiancee.
DUDE!!!!! We are sympatico. My #1 is also a 1996 R6.

What your neck thickness @ 1st fret? Mine is .965. I'm trying to see if there's a pattern that the older, mid-1990s reissues had fatter necks than today's.

Here's mine. Freddy G, a supreme luthier and member here installed an ebony board on it.



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Dec 20, 2008
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This '13 R6 that I've got a pair of '52 P90s in is just great. Also have a '13 R8 that has a real depth of tone to it with its Custombuckers but overall this R6 takes the cake........so clear and soulful in the neck pup and real bite 'tele on steroids' with the bridge.

The top carve looks really cool on that photo! Very nice shot!

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