LesPaul setup


Feb 22, 2009
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So, pointing out the obvious (namely that Gibson made the tailpice height adjustable) is now frowned upon ?

I mean, top wrap all you like, for whatever reason you like - just don't try t make it out as anything other than a complication for the sake of complication (or perhaps some attempt to mimick the guitar heros that play 50 year old music) - because the problem of steep break angles was already solved by the designers of the Les Pauls tailpiece....
...i mean, they could have nailed it to the top or screwed it tight with wood screws (and it would have been cheaper) - but no, they actually have provided a threaded insert for the adjustable bolts that hold the tailpiece...
I’m not trying to imply anything. I agree it’s adjustable for a reason.


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Sep 10, 2008
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One thing more that I dont get on topwraping phenomen.
When you watch all those youtube videos on seting up acoustic guitar, all luthiers say that the sharper the angle that strings made from the pins to the saddle, the more better tone and more sustain youll get on your guitar.
When top wrapping, your actualy pushing this angle towards horizontal, making it smaller
So tone wise, top wrapping should alos be BULL...HIT

Do you actually play guitar or just watch youtube videos?

This is all a matter of personal preference. With an amplified electric guitar top wrapping (or not) is a very small piece to a much larger and complex puzzle.

Would Billy Gibbons have achieved, "better tone and more sustain" if he didn't top wrap on the early ZZ Top records? Who the f*ck cares?