Les Paul and Laney LC30 mk2


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Mar 10, 2021
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This may be of interest to some of you :) Having owned around 35 Les Pauls over the last nearly 6 decades and countless amplifiers, My favorite set up was a Les Paul straight into a good valve amp, crank the amp up and control it from the guitar!
For a long time I used an early Fender Twin master volume, with my 1957 original gold top, and then a 1958 lovely cherry sunburst standard. Awesome sound, but soooo LOUD!
In a period of madness, I sold the amp and guitar, then spent the next 50 years trying to re-create that sound, never really did........Until now! Many different Les Pauls and amplifiers came and went, none ever quite seemed to be right although I once had a Marshall 4210 50w combo and a '59 re-issue that sounded very good, but I gave that guitar away and sold the amp....Duh!!!! Then I got one of the first '60 Classics, that came into the country and that was a BEAST, everything you could ever want from a Les Paul, so I bought one of the red knob Fender Twins reverbs, fitted a set of original nos GEC KT88's and cranked the muther flat out. The sound was back big time, but again, far too loud for most venues even on the low pwer setting. The clean sound was crystal with those KT88's, and around that time I had around 6 les pauls that were all good but due to domestic changes, I sold off all guitars except the 60 Classic and the twin reverb.
For some reason, I wanted a different sound, sold both, and I got another '59 re-issue and tried so many amps over the next 10 years, and believe it or not, I found a Peavey 112 50watt combo that had a really good clean sound, but the o/d channel was not good. Having once been an electronics engineer, I modded the drive channel, fitted a master volume control, re-biased the o/p valves, and all in all, it sounded pretty decent.
Then, around 7 years ago, I stopped playing altogether, sold the guitar and kept the amp, but missed just owning a Les Paul.
I found a well worn 2003 standard which sounded very good, re-fretted it and loved the sound, but again, something just wasn't quite what I was after, so I let a mate have the guitar.
After about a year, I decided to try out the Traditionals as Gibson were now desecrating the Standards by hollowing them out !!! Sacrilege!!!! (not got a problem with the 9 hole swiss cheese tho)
Over the last couple of years, I have had 5 different Trads, all of which were ok, but I wanted a one piece body, no weight releif, and cherry sunburst flametop. I kept an eye on the adverts, and found exactly what i wanted, a 2013 trad, great guitar, and with that solid body it's a weighty beast at 10ibs 9 ounces. (I once had a '57 Goldtop re-issue that weighed 12lbs)
It is quite a dark sounding guitar with lot of "tone" and sustains forever, seems like Gibson turned out a good 'un with this one. running it through the modded Peavey sounded excellent when cranked, but again only when very loud so I kept an eye out for an amp that would be loud enough, but would also sound good a lower volumes. I was frankly dissapointed with the small orange/Blackstar etc amps currently on sale, either the clean wasn't clean enough, or the o/d sounded rubbish....Until... I came across a Laney LC30 mk2 going cheap so I bought it.
On trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised as to how "fender-ish" the clean channel is, a bit bright, but hey, thats why is got tone controls. Overdrive channel is also pretty decent and even at Bedroom levels it has a very progressive range easily controlled by the guitar volume. I did find that to get the sound I wanted, I had to turn the treble off on the clean channel, and after reading a few reviews, decided to change the pre-amp valves to JJ's which helped a lot, but the speaker is not one of Celestions premium quailty (it's a 70 eighty) and after talking to Craig at Hot Rox, (they are a Celestion main dealer and he knows his stuff) I decided on a G12m-65-Creamback over a vintage 30 or a Greenback. It arrived the following day and WOW!!! what a lovely sounding speaker! It has really smoothed out the sound, taken away any shrillness that the original had and altogether seems a perfect match for the amplifier.
Whether at bedroom level or cranked, the sound of the set up, Guitar, amp, speaker, valves, are exactly what Ive been after for a very long time, and if anyone thinks 30watts isn't enough, believe me, it's LOUD!! ........easily enough for most pub/club gigs with it...., stick it through the PA. if you need louder.
All I need now is for all the lockdown to end and get out and play again!


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May 15, 2020
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Heard goods things about laney 30w amps. 30 watts is plenty loud enough.

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