Lemon Burst R9 Sighting @ local GC


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Oct 8, 2014
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I teach a martial arts class on Sunday mornings (religiously - LOL), and there's a Guitar Center on the way home, so usually stop in just to check things out (dangerous, I know, but you never know what some knucklehead may have traded in this week!). Anyways, saw a really nice looking R9 hanging in their "precious" room (all high-end guitars are locked up, and require a sales person to unlock to fondle/play). I am not as familiar with the new numbering system - the serial number says R9 60254 (a 2016 perhaps?). It has a $3999 price tag and is being sold as new. The lemon burst shows a little red in my pix, but is a tasty dirty yellow in person. Subtle flame that almost disappears when looking down on the body from the head stock, but pops when you bring it to eye level. A few mineral streaks for good measure. Looks nice, but I detected some slight roughness on the back edges of the body in between the upper and lower bouts on both the bass & treble sides. (prob. why it's discounted) Could be a customer return, or just shop worn, or transferred from another store. Looks nice, maybe they'll barter down even further.

Guitar Center Southfield
29555 Northwestern Highway Southfield, MI 48034
Tel (248) 354-8075

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Dec 29, 2013
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Not a lot of demand for that top, or the R9 serial number.