Legendary Tones Hot Mod V2 EVO - JMP 2203 Demo Inside


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Nov 10, 2011
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Finally got around to putting this one together!

Did my first little mix track, (had no idea what I was doing with compression and mastering, thanks to Fluff for helping me out) because I wanted to do this one right.

I'm sure you guys here at the forum are really familiar with the Hot Mod V2 already, as I actually learned about it from this forum when it originally released, but it's gone through some voicing changes and mods to make it a little more versatile. The V2 is now clearer with less emphasis on bass, with a switch to enhance the bass if you want some more oomph, and a gain switch to increase the saturation and compression.

The EVO is now on a high quality PCB board, as opposed to being all handwired. Because of this, price has dropped to $199 each and the availability will be much better.

I really dig this thing, especially for vintage Marshalls that you don't want to bastardize with mods, if they're somehow in stock form after all these years.

My playthrough is below - Fair Warning, my channel is aimed at thrash/metal guys and is mostly high gain tones.


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