Left Handed, Lefty 2003 Gibson Historic 1959/R9 Brazilian Les Paul, Reduced to $6500!

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May 20, 2007
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This is a 2003 Gibson Historic 1959/R9 Les Paul with the rare and desirable Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Very nice top in Washed cherry, nickle hardware. Has some moderate fret wear, really clean condition on this guitar. Includes a group of upgraded hardware and plastic, with all original parts in the case(see pic), as well as the clean OHSC.

Has a great neck with some meat on it: 1st fret/.94, 12th fret/1.02

Neck pickups are very punchy and lively: neck PUP/8.23K, bridge PUP/8.65K

The guitar weighs just around 9.5 lbs

I just set this guitar up and it plays and sounds fantastic!

Includes e-mail hard copy from Gibson verifying the guitar as Brazilian. The serial # is 9 32xx; for 2003, the range for R9 Les Pauls having the Brazilian fingerboard is 9 3001 – 3674.

The Brazilian Rosewood Les Pauls from 2003 are among the most collectable guitars of the modern era. The left handed Brazilians are hard to find; this is a nice one!

High-End trades considered; let me know what you have. International buyers welcome; contact me for shipping quote. Also have a Lefty 2003 Brazilian R0 in similar condition & same price.

Reduced from $9995; price to sell!



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Jul 14, 2022
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Hello! Wow this is such a beautiful axe, did you ever end up selling it?

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