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Oct 21, 2008
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Have any of the actors on your precious Lawn Daughter played the same character for a full twenty years? Stand still laddie and answer the question. The answer is NO! HA! Take that.... James Arness played Marshal Matt Dillon for two solid decades without interruption. And he had a pal named "Festus" FESTUS, you can't top that.

I don't know if you're serious? It was just posted.

Edit: Okay, I'll give you that one seeing how Munch was a character on Homicide first, which while it was connected to Law & Order, it wasn't actually Law & Order.

The Olivia Benson (Mariska Hagartay) character has a good shot at it though.

Of course if you really wanted to knock me out, Gunsmoke while it went 20 seasons like Law & Order, it actually has made a couple hundred more episodes than Law & Order.

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