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Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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Tim ? I don't know at this point? at my gateleg table. Much MADNESS last night. I went to Phillies+Red Sox game. Good game. I was wearing my Doors Waiting for the Sun shirt and Black jeans and my FuzzRock hat.

Pure Star.

Chumps achumpin in Philly. Fat +bloated+over-sexed+Under-sexed-MUTANTS=My people. I can't wait to be amongst them. PHILADELPHIA IS HEAVEN . Bad vibes can be gone for minutes at a time. PURE LOVE! Then ! BBLAMMMMMOOOO! Huge crushing vibes appear. EVRERYONE becomes ANGRY! Hate blooms. Mob mentality. Good old river town. Full of emotions rubbed raw . Over-stimulation. Philly NEVER bores.

So I leave the wife and cat. They always walk me to the door. They worry I might die? Silly kids. Death is a window. I'll return. I feel nervous too. They stand at the door. A small woman with a black cat in her arms. Good creatures:thumb: I must promote.

Pacing. More Pacing. Where is my Philly AceHole buddy=Big Possum. Big Possum is not big physically. He is big in SPIRIT! He is a LOOSE CANNON. He is Samoan? Philipino? Aztec? Invader? DESTROYER? He is an APPLEHEAD!

He says."Don't hype me""

I shudder. "But you are so DEADLY!". He likes that type of CRAP! Fools all over. I'm pacing. I shake my wrists out. Long Drive to Philly. Not really. 45 minutes with FULL-ON I95 traffic. Still alot of tension. No sleep. I'm wired for sound. He appears. YIPPPEEEEE!

He looks smug. I always want to punch him right in the mouth.

He gets out of his Toyota. 5 ft 7 inches of FURY. 180lbs. Eyes far apart. He looks like a criminal. He is dressed well.

"GO PHILLIES! GO ECW! GO GO GO GO GO" I just keep yelling. I smile. I act too surly. All touchy. Hating people's guts. FOR REAL. Why because I Love too much.

He gets into my GENERIC Lumina. Iggy or Exile On Main? Stones! Big Possum YELLS! I put in Stones.

Rocks Off comes on. Skipppidy Dipppppidity CRAP ! Skipping disc. WHY? I'm STEAMED then I realize,no more. Light-hearted ALLTHE WAY.

"Golly ,Stones doesn't want to play"


Head On is the album. Rehearsel tapes. Iggy +The Stooges+James Williamson.
What POWER! Raw Power! I'm now thrilled. No more darkness. Just laughs.

We get on I95. The band crashes away. PHILLY HERE WE COME! Tons of traffic. Girls texting. People honking horns. IT IS CHAOS! Iggy keps GLOOPING away. "I've got a Right" comes on. Boom Ba Boom Ba Boom Ba I GOT A RIGHT TO SAY! Blaring Rock. Living life. Traffic. Smog. Crap. Jerks . Me and Big Possum.

Two Holy Fools. We have been doing this since 1980. I met him through football. NUTJOB! Good tuff player. LB. We would get BLIND drunk and shun people. Stand outside of parties. Playing mindgames. Teenage kicks. Wrecked cars +vomit. Macho JUNK! Starting fights. Ending fights. DESTROYING YOUR MIND WITH DRINK! You know FUN stuff.

We get to the ballpark. LOVE IS IN THE AIR! The lady takes my money and I park. She was 59? She looked into my eyes. She was flirting. Cool. I LOVE you too. We park. Iggy is blaring. ALOT OF SOFT GUYS? Wearing sandals +loafers? WHY? THIS IS PHILLY! Be careful sunshine boys.

We go to the bar. I like to seee DRUNKS! I NEVER go out . I stay with Mrs. Fezz and create ART! Bars? NO WAY! Why? I don't drink. I will play guitar for drunks,I think they are FUNNY! Girls are way aggressive these days. All inked up and vulgar. Lordy ,Lordy. The boys are soft+girls are hard. CRAPPO PAPPOO! They are chumps,

I order BP a Vodka Tonic. I drink Tonic water. Tons of flesh here. I'm numb. We go outside. There is a two man band playing. Acoustic and Strat Man. Not bad. Born to Run. The Strat player is fluid. Playing lead after lead. Could I take him out? I stink? Am Great? Crazy?

Yes ,I would take him out. He is wearing sandals. WTF! What has happened to this world? Everyone is dressed for the beach. SO BE IT! WHEN THE AIR IS FIRE ! GOOD LUCK!

I would play my Hamer. His Strat was OK. He was using TOO many pedals. He was playing a Fender amp. Sandals:laugh2: I think he had little bracelets on too.:laugh2: He would start his weedle deedle doo. His chording was WEAK! He let acoustic boy carry the song. I would play simple Stones chug riffs. Then clean covers= Something,Sea of Love,After the Lovin. Neck pup. Jazzy. He could play the same fluid lead over and over. That was his problem. They played an Eagles song. Brittle treble lead. They played Steve Miller=SAME STYLE LEAD AGAIN. Weedle deedle. C'mon give me more. People LOVED him.

I just sat there. I should be playing guitar. Then I realized. NO I shouldn't. I'm here as a spectator. GO SANDAL BOY! GO! I even "stroked" him. GOOD JOB MAN. He was good. Fluid. Was he original? NO WAY=dime a dozen. Useless in my musical context. HE MADE $. More than I can say.

We go inside the game. We go to CF bleachers. LOVE IS EVERYWHERE! Tons of women. MY LORD! Philly has "pretty" girls. Not beauties. Hot though. Good smiles. Long hair. Top-heavy builds. The guys look lame. All whiskers and gelled hair.

Cole Hammels is on the mound. I daydream. The first inning Phils score 4 runs. Ruiz knocks in two with a double. I dream. I eat hotdogs and COKE+Fries.

Good game. Phils end up winning. 5-4. I'm tired. I haven't sleep in 3 days. We leave. Everybody hugs. I got hugged by a drunk guy. It felt good. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I get to the car. I put on the Stones disc." Happy" is what I want to here. Yes I am happy. I put it in. SSSSLLLEEERRRRPPP! CRAP! The Cd has coffee on it? I did it? When? Coffee is BAD! Oh well. I put IGGY back in. It is HEAVY! Raw Power chucks away. We wait in traffic. I Can't wait to get home.

The neighbors are having a party. BBQ chicken. Hot wives. Hotter sisters. Red-faced guys. Yes. We are lost in a haze. We get onto to I95 and I PUSH the Lumina. 80 mph. Iggy blaring. YESSSSSSSSS!

We get to my apartment. I'm WIDE Awake. Later Big Possum. Till we Meet again.


I go and open the door. Mrs. Fezz and the cat are happy. I'm alive.

"C'mon lets go to the party. "

"I'm tired"


"Yeah,I need sleep!"

Sleep? I want to RAGE! I want to mingle. MIND CONTROL! I take over parties. Make my own party. I wanted to get Alot of women together. Talking DRUNK stuff. Modern dance. Emotions. GUITAR!

I guess she is right. Sleep. Why not? Those chumps next door tick me off. They are OK. They just are APPLEHEADS! They don't deserve my presence.


See how much fun you can have in Philly.

For a tour

Tim PhillyTourBuddy
at 1-800-EAT POOP!

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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I will be sure to schedule a tour if I am ever in the Philly area. Very easy number to remember too.

Phil I jest. Philly is ALL LOVE ALLDAY. Lunatics. Bad water? Spirits? Something. I go other places and I feel out of pace. Everybody is chill. In Philly, people are in a hurry. Bad on the nerves.
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