Kingsley Page JTS / Dumbloid ODSP 2000 Limited Edition


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Apr 7, 2013
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Up for sale is a Page JTS (in a minstrel enclosure). The Page JTS is unique in that it is a Page TS but with a JFET gain stage running IN FRONT of it. The controls are:

The "Mode" switch is actually a "Lows" switch with 3 positions. Position 1 (set downwards) is like "Lows" position 1 on the regular Page. Position 2 is like position 2 on the regular Page and position 3 gives more low end still.

The "Sizzle" switch is the "Highs" switch. Positions 1 and 2 are the same as on the regular Page. Position 3 is a preamp mode. This will sound too bright for front of amp use, but makes the Page usable as a preamp for power amp use or use with a cab sim for a direct rig.
The left "More" footswitch turns the JFET boost on/off. The "More" pot sets the boost amount. On the back there is a 3-way mini toggle that sets the gain and voicing of the JFET boost: Set to the middle is the lowest gain and fattest sound. Set downwards is more boost and a slightly leaner sound. Set upwards is the hottest boost and more of a low cut with more upper mids.

Also up for sale is are two different versions of the Shin's Music Dumbloid. First is the BTM Boost, which has better bass response than the standard dumbloid, combined with a Shin's Music Velvet Boost (germanium booster) added for more gain and volume boost. Can be used independently of the dumbloid.

The other is a just-released limited edition (100 units internationally). Provides both the SP and ODS voicings along with an added FET input (adjustable gain) to better replicate the dumbles. The voicings have also been enhanced for more touch sensitivity and less compression per Shin's Music.

Original owner, never gigged, both pedals come with original boxes and papers. No Trades.

BTM Boost- $525 Shipped + any fees SOLD
ODSP 2000 LE - $655 Shipped/PP'ed CONUS
Kingsley Page JTS- $750 Shipped/ PP'ed CONUS

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