KEEPING FOR NOW: 1994 Ibanez RG470 - Jewel Blue - Wizard II neck - LO TRS II trem bridge


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Apr 14, 2011
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1994 Ibanez RG470 - Jewel Blue - Wizard II neck - LO TRS II trem bridge

Keeping for now

Sorry but no trade offers please
Shipping via Fedex only within the continental United States

I've had several of these through the years and love the fast, thin necks on them. These '94 models have the Wizard II neck which isn't quite as paper thin as the original Wizard I neck but at .74" / .82" it comes in very thin. It also weighs in at a comfortable 7 pounds 14 oz. Other components include a double-locking Floyd Rose-licensed LO TRS II tremolo bridge and the sleeker All Access Neck Joint along with all the other 1994 RG models.

To the best of my knowledge everything on the guitar is stock except for the back electronics plate and it's missing the truss rod cover which are readily available online. It has some light surface scratches on it as would be expected and a couple of small chips which one of the previous owners nicely touched up so don't expect a case queen. It is a very nice '94 Ibanez though which sounds, plays and looks great.

. Pickups: Stock Ibanez Infinity HSH pickups
. Electronics: Stock
. Weight: 7 pounds, 14 oz
. Neck: .74" / .82"
. Case: OHSC
. Mods: The only mod that I'm aware of is the back electronics plate


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