Just Starting Out, My Collection - 3 Les Pauls

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Nov 29, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I'm a relatively casual poster, but always visiting the forum to learn more and to drool over pictures. I've owned many, many guitars over the years but mainly on the lower-priced spectrum (as I tried to balance my love of drums and synthesizers as well!)

In the past two months I finally bought my first Gibson Les Paul - what an experience feeling the workmanship and experiencing that nitro "thin-finish" I kept reading about - and so I desired a few different colors.

I thought I'd post pictures here of my three recent acquisitions...each have their own personality and vibe. Hard to capture the colors correct, my camera makes everything look too vibrant so I tried to tone the pictures down.

View attachment 608524

View attachment 608525

View attachment 608526

- 2012 Honeyburst Faded (almost looks lemon)

-2010 Desertburst

-2016 Lightburst

Hope you enjoy the pics! :)
Absolutely stunning! Congratulations and enjoy!!

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