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Dec 25, 2008
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I discovered the music of Juana Molina recently and I'm just blown away. Her story is she was born in Argentina during the Pinoche regime. Her family moved to Paris for five years. She returned to Argentina and became an actress so she could make good money and still have time for music. She got her own comedy show and became a pretty well known celebrity noted for her ability to imitate other people. She quit to pursue her music career in 1996. She's four months younger than me at 61 but her voice is extraordinary.

It's difficult for me to describe her music only that it sounds like it has elements of the Beatles and Pink Floyd. She sings in Spanish mostly. I can't understand most of it but I pick up some here and there.

I really like the album "Son". It's great "head" music and should be listened to through headphones, ear buds or a good stereo with a proper setting. Her music is very layered and if you don't listen carefully, you can miss some of the nuanced sounds. It's a sonic tapestry.

She uses a couple of loop pedals to loop her vocals. She plays a vintage SG. The band is usually a three piece with everyone having multiple instrumental and vocal duties.

I can't find the entire album on YouTube but here are the tracks in order.

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