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Border Patrol agent allegedly sprays urine on supervisor's desk days before retiring
Staff Jan 13, 2021

A former Border Patrol agent is facing a federal charge after he allegedly sprayed urine throughout a supervisor's cubicle in the Buffalo Border Patrol Station. Eduardo Flores Jr. has been charged with destruction of property, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in federal court.

The complaint accuses Flores of spraying urine on Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Brandon Steele's desk, chair, keyboard, clothing, books and personal items, including picture frames, in the cubicle at the station.

The complaint, which cites video evidence and interviews with Border Patrol personnel, states that Flores retired from the Border Patrol effective Aug. 28, 2020, four days after the alleged crime, which was also Flores' last day in the office.

Steele, upon returning to work after three days off, "noticed an unpleasant scent" at the cubicle, according to the complaint.

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