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Jan 21, 2012
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Everything is sold AS-IS; NO WARRANTIES offered on anything, unless otherwise specified. If one of our photo/electronic items burns down your house, your neighborhood, or destroys the entire world, it is not our responsibility. We TRY to check everything as best we can, and describe it as accurately as possible. If we see a defect/problem, we'll show it, and/or tell you. Since we sell mostly used items, don't expect "mint" condition! We are not in love with the words "perfect" and "mint", as so many here seem to be, when dealing with older, used equipment. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing items listed in "mint" condition that have any signs of wear whatsoever. IF AN ITEM HAS ONE TINY MARK/SCRATCH IT IS NOT MINT!!! Selling beat up, broken stuff on eBay is fine; just call it as it is! We would LOVE to sell MINT/New items since they are easy to describe: "MINT!!" But, it's virtually never the case with older items!

This ebay seller takes no prisoners. :wow:

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