Joe Bonamassa tone and gear intel


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Jan 12, 2009
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Any diehard Joe B. fans are probably way ahead of me on this, but as usual when I trip over something interesting and dig into it, I try to share what I find for fellow tone knuckleheads. For some reason, I've been focusing on Les Pauls of late (you guys are a bad influence!).

Anyhow, I got a line on a great YT vid of Joe going through his amps and pedals, which led to another one, etc. Great stuff, and he's good on camera too. Then I took a look at his signature geetar. I am now curious about those Burstbuckers. Anyhow, check out the ol' blog at WoodyTone! if you're interested. Even if you're not a big fan or even a fan, you should find it interesting.

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