Jimmy Page Says - No Led Zeppelin Reunion


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May 15, 2010
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:laugh2: Yer a goofball!

That one is easy to learn, but not so easy to play with perfect consistency. The string skipping in the single-note progression is what makes it tricky.

For that progression, hammeron to F# from E note (sixth string open) and alternate with with F# note at fret four on the D string. The significant chord progression is A5 to E5 (2x) and ending with first position A major.

That's another fifty bucks you owe me, bub. ;)

--R :D

ETA: Took out the Asus2 thing... I should have actually played it before I wrote up my first bit.

Thanks bud. That's pretty much how I've been trying to play it but the weird string skip has my rhythm screwed up. :thumb:


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Oct 1, 2011
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I like that album, always have. It came about primarily because Jones had to take the reigns from Page who was hardly capable at the time but I think it stands up well and shows that they were willing, and able, to push their musical boundaries a bit rather than being stuck in the same old groove. It might not be their best work, but it isn't bad.
I agree, its got some good stuff. Still, I wonder if they would have kept on making albums that got progressively worse/ further from their origins as time went on. Many bands out there have a hit debut album, and maybe a good album or two after that somewhere in their career, but the rest of the stuff will never be famous and they sort of fade away. With Zeppelin, there are a bunch of great albums that are unique, although I don't like In Through the Out Door anywhere near as much as Presence (think im spelling that wrong), Led Zeppelin 4, etc, it was still good and another development. I just think that they sort of quit while they were ahead and left us a good legacy, instead of firing off things that weren't as good as before (Imo Plant's voice was far better before the In Through the Out Door time period, so I don't know how other albums would have turned out...).

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