Jimmy Page #1 T-Top Bridge Pickup


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Oct 12, 2014
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I have an Edwards JP model and it's a really bright snappy guitar. Ive had a few and the SD59s that came in them stock definitely didn't nail the Page tone. When I got this one it had a pair of 57 Classics in it with the cover removed on the bridge. No luck there either.

I'd been kicking around changing the pickups and I got a killer deal on one of the neck SD JP pickups that MJ would. It's really hot (8.4k) and I had Mick at Manlius make me one of his TTops (7.3k) for the bridge.

At least in my case it's not a very versatile guitar anymore, but what it does it does it really really well.

I really don't like the SD neck pickup. I think it sounds terrible on its own to he honest. The TTop on it's own is pretty uninspiring also, but the two of then working together really nail that Houses of the Holy and on sound.

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