Jazzbox - Heritage H 575 vs. ES-175


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Dec 12, 2010
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So, here I am suffering GAS again :D. One of the guitars on my must-have list is a jazz box - not that I play jazz or anything like that. I am quite partial to Ted Nugent and George Thorogood though - and they play my kind of music on these things. The must-have requirements for jazz-boxes in my book are:
1. Florentine cutaway
2. 2 Humbuckers
3. Not made in a sweat-shop in East Asia

Here in Germany you'd have to pay ~2000€ (~2600$) for a used ES-175, which is a bit more than I'd like to spend, but I've found a Heritage H 575 for just under 2000$ used. I know that they are similar mainly in shape, as the Heritage is a solid wood guitar with a rosewood bridge, whereas the Gibson is plywood with an ABR-1 bridge. The Heritage does seem to be very high quality. I'll probably put an ABR-1 and Bigsby on it if I get it :D.

The one I'm looking at is similar to this one:
Heritage H-575 Guitar For Sale

It's from 1991 and has had the neck pup replaced with a Gibson 57 Classic - but is otherwise original.

What do you guys think? You could also just talk me out of it - I'm going to have a look at this one on Wednesday :)


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Mar 22, 2008
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I have heard nothing but good things about Heritage guitars, and that one looks very nice. I'd say go for it.

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