Is 4 ohms or 16 ohms "better"?


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Apr 24, 2010
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Last night I rewired my "Tone Tubby" 2x12 for 4ohms and changed the amp selector to 4 ohms as well. It may be my imagination, but it does sound better to me. The overall sound seems to be more "precise". The tone and response is tighter. It also appears to have cleaned up some of the "mush" in the mids. Of course, I could just be imagining things. If it still sounds the same tonight, then I'll say there is a difference between 16 and 4 ohms. (My amps never seem to sound the same two days in a row...)

"My amps never seem to sound the same two days in a row..."
Same experience here.

Here is some non-technical stuff affecting your hearing/tone experience:

Hearing fatigue (work in a high noise environment? or rehearsed too long?)
Weather (may sound silly, but different levels of air pressure affect your hearing and so does humidity.)

And playing solo probably (very likely) forces you to play with other settings compared to settings when playing with a band.
It's very likely you have a more "scooped" setting while playing solo. And more middy when in a band environment (to cut through)

You could say that sound is like magic, on the other hand, humans have crappy sensor gear (limited hearing, small focus in seeing, not such a good nose etc.)

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