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Oct 28, 2012
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Ha, ha, ha...just another great example of a brainwashed, woke, teenager who knows absolutely nothing about guitars, or life for that matter. She is certainly entitled to her opinion and is mildly entertaining but beyond that has no value and is meaningless. She and her peers are the future...

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Aug 28, 2013
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Once everyone hits say 28-32 we all realize that the media is not interested in your generation anymore. Then you see the game of the same story with the next generation of kids. Media keeps empowering them and trying to sell them stuff they dont need.

The millennial will try to save a kid the trouble and heart ache and try to teach a lesson. Subsequent generation will shake a fist at the closed mindedness and will have to learn how life works like every other generation before it…. THE HARD WAY!


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Nov 20, 2009
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Good marketing on Gibson's part. All I see are the same old boring designs that have been around for 60ish years, mixed with features and parts that have also been around for 60ish years.

Gibson is in a tough spot because 'traditional' is their market, so innovation and doing anything different is usually viewed as bad (take 2015 for example). I'd be totally down for some different, yet retro guitar designs that look like they *could* have been designed in the 60s, but are still new.

BTW I'm totally okay w/ boring designs. I like them. I'm a bit over Gibson trying to do something hip by repackaging dinosaurs lol and selling them for multiple thousands of dollars.

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Sep 6, 2014
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[sigh] More of the same that got Gibson into trouble.

It isn't difficult
1. Make AFFORDABLE guitars for average musicians.
2. Add some simple new designs that attract younger musicians, that can be gateway guitars to other models.
3. Spend time, effort, marketing to and for the younger generations, both #2 and older models..

Because, right or wrong, this IS how too many younger players think
That is not how younger players think. I know many many 18 and 19 year old guitar players, and younger, and SHE is not indicative of the way they think about guitars, and the brands they like. SHE PURPOSELY made an asshole troll bait video to make people upset and get clicks. C'mon folks, She is just a fucking asshole out for clicks, and she knows it. Also, the modern collection is just fine. I applaud Gibson making guitars with modern features.


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Sep 18, 2010
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Also... something I just found out from my Guy at Sweetwater. The Mod line up of guitars are pretty much 1 off builds, so once they're gone, they're gone. They also have minor defects or flaws, which are sold as is and are not covered under the limited warranty. Maybe they are testing the waters for some of the Mod's to see the interest and just maybe you might see one come back as a new guitar for that year, but no one really knows.

The Mod for the Les Paul Custom Raw Gold, it popped up and was out of stock within the hour. The Raw Gold Les Paul Custom was totally sick, I loved it and it was gone just like that. All the Mod's in this post of the first posting, they are all still there and available days later, that Raw Gold was gone in an hour. They need to make more of those. To get a Custom Gibson Custom made to your specs, they are 7-8k minimum, it would have been nice to have that one for under 5k.

This is the Mod guitar that was gone in an hour.

Gibson | Les Paul Custom - Raw Gold
The Mod squad of Gibson appears to be some of the ones Japanese buyers
would never look at from what I under stand.

It appears the typical Japanese guitar buyer is rather fastidious about their
guitars; no dings, bleeds, etc.

So Gibson markets them of one-off (also nothing new from what I understand)
and dinged up new gits (also of which is complained about on this forum).

And in the end if that Mod squad guitar feels and sounds great who gives
a ratz azz.
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Jul 30, 2011
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I have a Tokai Love Rock, but I want an actual Gibson Les Paul


Because I love the shape, feel and sound and because I prefer to go to the source for things, that means Gibson as they are the source of the Les Paul...I could not give one God damn about Gibson as a company and frankly I wish another company had made it because while other guitar companies want to get their instruments into the hands of as many players as possible, Gibson want their instruments to be exclusive

They want them to be saved and sacrificed for, earned instead of merely obtained

Gibson are the only guitar company that won't sell cheaper versions of their flagship instrument under their own name (OK ESP have LTD but they don't throw a whole different headstock on them)...sure Squier is a thing, but for a few hundred more you can get a MIM Fender...can't do that with Epiphones relative to Gibson, at least not without settling for lower specs

It's no wonder Gibson aren't popular with younger players given that their attitude toward them is basically "you're not old enough for our guitars", conveniently forgetting that inflation has been outpacing wages for a long time now, and just as the older people of today aren't the older people of 20 years ago, the older people of 20 years from now won't be the older people of today


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Sep 24, 2014
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Gibson want their instruments to be exclusive
This is a pretty bold statement about the second largest guitar manufacturer in the world. You'd think that, if that were Gibson's goal, they would limit their output and not try to hard at NAMM (or try so hard by having a leather jacket-clad CEO . . . which really is trying too hard).

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