Interesting Gig - My take on a Santana song with the Kemper


Jan 28, 2010
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My take on a Santana song – Life is a Lady

I’ve done some very interesting gigs over the years but the one I did this past Sunday was something that was quite new to me. I played straight into an extremely high end Hi FI system at HFX Systems for a few of their special clients.

The audio was captured with the video camera mic so the audio could have been a bit be better but you’ll get the idea.

My Kemper was plugged into an Allen and Heath mixing desk which was connected to two mono Mcintosh 901 Valve power amplifiers. These amps sell for roughly $17500 each!

The amps were running into the top of the range JBL Everest DD67000 speakers. These speakers are selling for roughly £70 000!

Due to social distancing etc, only 8 clients were allowed into their listening studio at a time. There was quite a queue outside the listening room so the songs had to be played quite a few times.

I don't know how to embed Facebook videos but if you click on the link it'll take you to the video.


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