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B. Howard

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Apr 19, 2014
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So, it's been awhile guys.....but I'm still here. It's been a tough 6 months but things are sorted and starting back on an upward swing. 2018 will be a year of big changes at Howard Guitars.

It is with a mix of happiness, excitement and sadness that I make the following announcement.

Here is what is happening.....Due to some neurological issues some things have become impossible for me to do, like stand at a buffing arbor buffing guitars or run an air powered palm sander all day. So the finish business is done and closed for the most part. I am still doing all my own finish work for my shop but nothing from other makers or shops at this time. I just cant handle the volume I was doing and the last thing I want is employees to mind over, so that is that.

I am still however in the guitar business full time. Hope to still build a handful of guitars a year and still quite busy with repairs and restorations. This is really my focus at this point. With that said I find myself with two shops, one I do not need and one that does not function as an all in one. The solution I have found is to relocate. So I am moving myself and my shop to Magnolia Delaware. This site was chosen for many reasons, some of which personal.

I will be keeping to my regular hours until this location closes down so there is still time to get your instruments looked at one last time. Last day to drop off here will be Feb 15th and you will be informed of pick up timeframes when you drop off.
It has been my pleasure serving the players of the Harrisburg area these past 7 years and I will miss you all. Of course, you are all welcome at my new location opening late spring at
7 S. Main st. Magnolia, DE 19962


Feb 8, 2014
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Best of luck in the new location Brian :)

I'm sure you'll do OK. Your guitars are gorgeous. I play my Howard Grand Auditorium all the time :)


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Jul 9, 2011
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Good for you @B.Howard! It's good to recognize where you are, and make a plan to do what you can. Best of luck to you, may your move be smooth, and your health stable.



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Feb 5, 2011
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best of luck to you in this transition period. I too am suffering quite a bit with ruptured and herniated discs, with a liberal sprinkling of arthritis. as i type this am trying to get in to see someone for pain relief, and possibly surgery. I am also trying to figure out how i can sleep tonight, because getting horizontal is out of the question.
i say all of this to express to your clientele to please be patient with Mr Howard, as although I don't know what his exact situation is....and it's also largely none of my blusiness... the pain and adjustments one has to endure with some of these issues in indescribable.
kudos to you for reorganizing in order to keep your craft alive. My prayers and best wishes for you.