I'm "Pushing" R+R"-Young Minds at Risk

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Jan 20, 2010
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I keep hearing R+R is dead. I did not get that memo. Guitar sales does not indicate the pulse of R+R. I have 13 guitars. Three were bought brand new=2004 AM DX Strat, Hamer GT90, and a 59 reish Dano Dc. The rest were bought used and abused. 2004 was the last time THE BIGS got my money. Hamer is feet up, Dano is going strong. You either feel the R+R in your marrow or not. Older brothers were bemoaning the state of R+R when I caught the fever back in 1976.

"Tim, I saw THE REAL rock. Jimi+Doors. Led first tour. You like "frauds." KISS? Cut me a break."
" BbbbBbbbBbuuuuttt Mopar Man, ACey Spacey has cool costumes."
"Go listen to some Sabbath kid!" *
"OK Mopar Man."

I went back to my bedroom and put KISS ALIVE back onto my stereo.

* I did buy Sabbath-We Sold Our Soul For R+R- in 1978. KISS was my "gateway drug."


Yesterday I drove over the hills of Bucks County. I was driving to Doylestown for band practice.I had my 2004 AM DX Fender Strat and my bag loaded with; BEVIL BLING BUZZ FUZZ,cords, picks, bandages,........frogs+presents!
I was going to listen to Moving Pictures. I spun through my MP4 list----------Accept-------------Bad Religion-----Death------------------------------------Ministry---------RUSH>>>>>>>>>
I chose Exit Stage Left, I was getting tired of "scrolling", I had to save my fingers for JAM!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>FEZZ FACT #67777-----I was introduced to Rush AND Mahogany Rush on the same day-WAY BACK in 1977----My next door neighbor-Steve "Toldirt's" cousin, GHX, was visiting. GHX showed me two cassettes= Rush "Caress of Steel " + Mahogany Rush" Strange Universe."

"GHX, what are these?"
"Tim, they are "rush" bands. They are WAY better than the KISS you listen to."
"They are?"

I went to Clover the next day and bought Mahogany Rush 4 and Rush "Fly by Night."

Thank you GHX for "turning me onto" the HARD+HEAVY. GHX also taught me the joy of odd-timing. His mother yelled,
" GHX time to go."
"Mommy, can I stay another 18 minutes?"
"GHX why did you ask for 18?"
"Tim ,15 is too little, 30 is too much---------

GHX was/is a genius.


Alright, now that you see how I was "corrupted" by GHX in 1977- it is his fault that I'm a "pusher."


I listened to Exit Stage Left. I arrived at Tommy Red Flops. I entered the basement. The R section was listening to the new Chuck Berry album=album of the year!

"Hi FEZZ."
"Hi acolytes. Are you ready?"

I tuned up. We almost got started. I called BREAK-TIME. R section started pounding booze+" "+cigs.

I fed Tommy's cats. 8 minutes later I went outside and "cracked the FEZZ whip!"

"Alright guys. SMOKE three more cigs......then we play."

I went back into the basement and "fine-tuned" my BEVIL BLING BUZZ FUZZ.

11 minutes later I gathered the R section.

RUSH FAN #45555555 , Tommy's neighbor, was smoking with them.
"Hey RUSH FAN #45555555."
"Hi FEZZ."
"I just was listening to Exit Stage."
"Good man."
RUSH FAN #45555555's 6 year old son asked to come over and listen to us.

Tommy acquiesced ,
"Alright, 6 year old. Put your hands over your ears."

We "punished" six year old with our HIT song Love+Discount Food.

Tommy asked him,

"Did you like it?"

Six year-old stood there in shock.

"It was too loud!" I did like the drums though."

He shuffled away.......................

Six will be the next Neil Peart. FEZZ band #8 did our job. R+R is alive and well.


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Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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Here is Baby Fezz-drummer's childe.....SHE LOVES FEZZ! See? I write non-fiction!

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