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Jan 1, 2017
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Hi guys, I am looking into the possibilities of getting a guitar refinished and I am looking for any thoughts, advice etc.

The guitar is a 2006 Gibson Les Paul DC Junior. It's a washed out sort of TV yellow with a bit of green thrown in it seems. The guitar is a lefty and is pretty rare by most accounts. I see very few of them anywhere.

I believe it was the previous owner that gave it a bit of a relic job and it is this I am most unhappy with. This consists of dings and bangs that make little sense to me, as well as wear that makes it look like it was played by a righty, not a lefty. This also makes no sense. The dealer thought the previous owner did the wear to hide a flaw, fault, ding or something like that.

I have just recently upgraded the bridge to a compensated MojoAxe and also added a MojoAxe pickguard, the pickup to a Tyson Tone 1960 Dogear and the pots I replaced with an Emerson kit as what was inside was truly laughable. The sensational soldering work also appears as burns on the edges of the electronics cavity.

I have attached some images of the guitar for you. The colour of the guitar in the shot with all that mods on the body is closest to the real colour.

I would really love to get it to a stage where is is a true reissue with accurate aging, colour and vibe. I am also considering having it done in the classic red, or maybe even natural aged mahogany. I have been researching luthiers and the like here in Australia but my concern is how accurate they will be in the final presentation as in will the restoration be accurate, or will it just be a respray?

So who is available to do this? (I have already emailed Historic Makeovers fyi). Perhaps someone knows of someone in Australia who is capable? That would be cool. I won't have to worry about CITES then but I am happy to ship it anywhere, providing I can.

It may be that I just have to live with it for the time being.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


The Guitar

Before mods (most accurate colour)

After mods and those dings

Check that pro soldering lol. I kept the cap and threw the rest out.

The burns on the back


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Nov 9, 2011
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Get in touch with Rudi (RAGS). He has a bead on some great luthiers down your way


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Jul 11, 2010
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Get in touch with Rudi (RAGS). He has a bead on some great luthiers down your way
Cheers Rob. :thumb:

Drop me a PM with your Email address RET. happy to help if I can mate. :)

Cheers, Rudi.

Tim Plains

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Feb 10, 2008
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Poor soldering aside, the rest wouldn't bother me. I'd leave it if it were mine.
How is that Tyson Tone? Always wanted to try one.

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