Ibanez ARC 520


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Jun 12, 2015
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So I had this Gibson Studio Faded, the one with the mahogany top, and while I liked it, never truly loved it. So when I saw that my fav store had this guitar, with the much desired and needed foot pedal toy, I jumped on it, and traded the Gibson. I mean, how could I say no?



The guitar as a guitar, is wonderful! A beautiful neck, almost thin, but not quite, the famous re-issue of a re-issue Super 58 pickups, and a fine tuner tailpiece, it's just a joy to play! Feels like a hollow body, but quite solid, I think it blows away the Gibby after a very slight mod to it. (Added a 001 cap to the hot in on the pot to ground. Took away that touch of brightness I feel a neck pickup doesn't need.)

The GR55 is perfection in a synth pedal. Little to no glitching, and the guitar emulations are very realistic. A nice trade for the 300 I paid for the Gibby! And the strings... Oh GOD the strings.....

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