I Need Help Converting a First Run 2008 Robot SG


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Feb 17, 2021
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I am seriously considering converting my Robot SG into a regular SG. I've seen people discussing converting Robots that were made later with a completely different tuning system than the 1st run guitars.

What has to be swapped or removed? Obviously the tuners/tuning machines on the headstock will be changed out (are the holes stand size?) The MCK will have to be swapped out. I'm unsure if the other factory pots are considered to be good. It would be nice to have matching pots. I know there's some electronic guts in the body that make their way up to the tuners. What needs to go? I want it to be done neatly and something to be proud of when I'm finished.

If there are detailed walkthrough guides/tutorials that would be appreciated. Also specific part recommendations would be appreciated. I do want locking tuners.

Guitar Details:
Heritage Cherry Gibson SG Robot (SN 026981364)
Production year: September 25, 2008
Batch:1 Prod. nr.: 364
Manufactured in Nashville


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Dec 12, 2012
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Swap out the tuners and put in all new CTS pots. Get the pots from Valvestorm. (And get capacitors, I recommend Sozos.)

The tailpiece is also different, as the Robot version has a cable coming out of it. I presume that's for a sensor in the tailpiece of some sort. You can keep it and just clip the cable off it, or you could replace the tailpiece.

I'd be interested in the Robot's electronics just to play with them.

Marty M.

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Feb 13, 2010
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This isn't the answer you are looking for, I think you'd be better off selling it for another SG rather than cannibalizing it. I think these much maligned guitars will start to increase in value...and some have already.


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Oct 1, 2009
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^^^I'm in this camp.^^^ There's a 2016 Gibson LP Goldtop Studio 50's Tribute robot on my local CL right now going for $850 in like new condition. If you're into robots it might be a decent price but if was converted to a standard non-robot, I don't think that you could more than $650-$700 for it(if it was done properly). If it was left stock I bet the value will increase over time as all models will unless it was completely reversible and all the original parts are saved. I'm not knowledgeable as to whether or not this is possible.
I'd sell it and look for another if the robot aspect isn't doing it for you. JMHOYMMV
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