I just needed to crawl through a sewer


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Feb 11, 2009
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Here, our sewers are of the 8” variety. They are cleaned out by water pressure. You would be saved of the need to crawl through one.


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Sep 17, 2011
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In the Boy Scouts we had an overnight trip to Dayton US Air Force Museum, Wright Patterson AFB. (cool place)....we stayed in the prisoner barracks, where they kept German POWs during WWII.

Someone in our troop had prior knowledge of the storm drain system. So at the direction of one of our illustrious squad leaders, we mounted a mission to explore the storm drain system under Wright Patterson AFB ....

So we did, we assembled around 10 "volunteers" for a special mission into the unknown, where danger and the threat of being caught by an Air Force guard was a reality.

So armed with flashlights, extra provisions, rope and wet weather gear....

We found a culvert that was about 4ft in diameter and several hundred ft long. We crawled on our backs in single file fashion. That opened up to a larger drain system about 6 ft in diameter, that turned turned into a central hub and spidered out in four or five directions. it was pretty dry and we were surprised how much ambient light was available. Some one had the foresight (be prepared) to bring chalk to mark the tunnel we emerged from...

We separated into two groups and went into the the larger tunnels that were big enough to stand in. Those were longer with occasional upward shafts that provided light. (drains) ..

Then the tunnel ended into a "room" that was so huge you could put several trucks into it...I know know that is was probably a cistern or some sort of a reservoir. It was also dry with moss and slimy growth in the corners. someone said it was near the center of the base. And we were near the ramp, and about to go under or along the runway....

But someone yelled down a shaft....."hey who's down there"? .....so we had to move fast and quiet.....to egress the mission and get out with all hands, without injury.

I remember it was very difficult to get back into the smallest pipe, because it was at arms length above us, and had to go head first on your back to shimmy up the pipe....sore shoulders for days, and we were tired, hungry and getting scared.....

We all got out ok and didn't get "busted" by the MP's . but we were late for the dinner bus (that took us to the mess hall) and looked like hell. Mr Fulan, the Scout Master was pretty pissed, because he didn't know where the hell we were for 4 hours...

the next day we toured the museum.... we thought we were going to get arrested the whole time we were there for violating some special, super secrete, spy sewer thing....

Good times....


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Nov 30, 2009
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I'll never forgive you for the spelunking thread.


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Oct 3, 2016
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This is one of the reasons I pay taxes.

Do you think these things just pop out of nowhere, and are magically maintained. ??


I like my world, where I don't have to think about those things, but still reap all the rewards.

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