I just got permantly banned on TGP

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Dec 11, 2008
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I didn't realize you were that accomplished and also from Texas?

Are you from Texas like me?

I've shared the stage and hung out with A LOT of Texas & Nashville Country acts multiple times.

Kevin Fowler (we did a show here in town and Kevin had to do a small acoustic set early before the concert. So Kevin borrowed my acoustic and Tracy the lead guitar player borrowed my '66 Fender Princeton Reverb.

Tracy told me afterwards, that he was going to try to find a PR because mine sounded so GOOD). At the time he was using a Sewell Texaverb 100 watt head and 2x12 cab.

I bought that rig a year later from him when I went to hang out with them at a gig in Schroeder Hall in Goliad Texas.

Nick Gibson lead guitar player on the road for David Cook/ Lauren Alaina (both American Idol alumni), ended up buying my Sewell rig I bought from Tracy.

Nick bought Kevin's rig which was exactly like Tracy's, and he wanted to have a matching set.

Nick did a search online for the amp because Kevin told him that Tracy(who was no longer in the band at the time) sold it to Skip(ME) a few years back.

Kevin lost his phone and no longer had my phone number, so that's the only way Nick could try to track the amp down.

He actually found me HERE on TGP and PM'd me.

I met him in Austin at Matt's El Rancho to sell him the amp.

He bought me lunch because I had to drive 3 hrs. to meet him in Austin, where he was staying with a friend at the time.

We still talk occasionally,but he's busy with family and staying busy on the road, so I rarely call him.

Here's some other guys I've opened and hung out with MANY times.

Pat Green ( I personally know Brett Danaher Pat's guitar player and we talk gear all the time) Roger Creager,( I personally know Manny, Roger's longtime touring sound guy, who's from my hometown) , Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Micky and The Motorcars, Eli Young Band, Cory Morrow, Aaron Watson ( I know Jason his lead guitar player), Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Radney Foster, Rick Trevino,Django Walker, Rich O'Toole, Rodney Crowell, Whiskey Myers, Gary Allen, Shooter Jennings, Billy Jo Shaver,

Perfect Stranger( got drunk with these guys in the motel after the gig and we all passed around my acoustic and sang classic rock songs. (It was a crazy night)

Deryl Dodd, Jason Boland,

Britt Lloyd Band,( I personally know Britt's stepdad Chris who ran sound with his sound system at Schroeder Hall in Goliad.

Britt's dad Chis would ask me to go help him(when I wasn't gigging), with setting up and mixing a lot of Texas country acts.

I met A LOT of very cool up and coming Texas acts helping Chis with sound at Schroeder Hall.

Jarrod Birmingham recorded his first album with Blaine Crockett who was a bass player in a VERY successful Corporate Variety Party Country/Rock band with ME back in the early 90's in our area.

Blaine moved to Victoria and eventually met and recorded Jarrod's 1st album.

I got share the stage with Jarrod several times after his 1st album came out.

He'd come out to some of our gigs when he was off the road, to chase down women and drink a little beer after the gig back at the Hotel room (good times)

Pear Ratz( an area band who went full time for a while.

They asked me to go on the road, but they weren't make any real money at the time.

Jon Wolfe ( our very own The Gear Page "27 Sauce" is on tour with him right now as we speak.

I talk to Marc all the time on the phone about guitars and him touring with Jon.

He told me it was rough on the band when covid hit, because they couldn't tour.

For a while Marc/ 27 Sauce was playing as part of the house band at Cowboys Dancehall on Loop 410 in San Antonio.

My son and I got to check him out one weekend when we were going to stay in SA.

Marc was actually playing a black Gibson LP that night, and it sounded amazing in the mix.

JR Castillo ( this is the band I was in for quite a long time as a rhythm/lead guitar player, harmony and occasional lead singer. (Way to many crazy times on the road with this band)

Hank Williams III - this guy does old country set, regular country set, and then does like a punk rock set all in one night. (you have to see it to believe it.)

I'm going to share only ONE experience with a famous Nashville act, because the Nashville list is WAY longer than the Texas list.

There are a lot of hangout, drinking with, hotel room hangouts where we pass the acoustic guitar while we're getting drunk stories. A LOT!!!

This the only one I'll share.

Tim Mcgraw - we played with him at the Verizon behind the Retama Park Race Track in Selma, just north of SA.

We played the smaller Pavillion stage that night, and Rodney Crowell, Kenny Chesney, and Tim played the big main stage.

We got there right after lunch to set up and do our sound check.

After we finished, we decided to go look for some place to rest out of the sun.

While we were walking around the back we saw Kenny and Tim playing one on one basketball.

Tim takes a portable basketball hoop on tour to play pickup ball and get some fun exercise.

We stopped to watch him and Kenny, and Kenny was getting his butt kicked.

Tim saw us watching him, and he stopped and asked if any 2 of us would play 2 on 2 with him an Kenny.

Well JR the singer and I were the only one's brave brave enough to take the challenge.

We had NO time to talk about music or touring at all.

Tim and Kenny ripped us a new one and I don't think we even scored one basket.

I didn't care at all, because it was just fun to be able to hang with them.

I will say that Tim is one lean and mean in shape MOFO.

He's a VERY competitive athlete and musician.

The thing that meant the most to us after a very quick 2 games, was what he said after hearing us at soundcheck.

He said the music sounded great and we have very good harmonies. He asked if we were on a Texas label and we said not yet. ( we hadn't gone into the studio yet)

I'm sure I don't have the road and studio experience you have rockabilly69, but I've done a little bit in my 61 yrs.

Maybe we can hang out one of these days RB69 and share our stories of being on the road.

John Vasco

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Dec 11, 2008
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hunter said:

Apparently the only way it can truly appreciated is being heard on a live stage. A really big live stage. A BIG STAGE.
Just like the only way to REALLY experience a fully cranked Marshall Stack would be on A BIG STAGE. Right?

Hunter, have you ever played a full Marshall or any full stack on a big stage?

Until you have, you have no idea how frick'n LOUD the thing is.

You can't fully experience something like this in your bedroom, and that's just a fact.

This is not ME saying this, this is just reality.

I know your comment was aimed at me, and that's Ok.

We're all here on this forum to share our experiences. Right?

I'm good.

Are you good Hunter?

John Vasco

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Dec 11, 2008
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Well rockabilly69 AKA - Daniel Weldon, I finally found you on Youtube.

You ARE very good on resophonic slide guitar, and you can sing as well.

I give you A LOT of props for doing what you do, because most guys have no idea how hard it is to play solo or as a duet.

I've done duets with the lead singers of several of the bands I was in, back in the late 80's in rat hole small smoky bars.

Sometimes we played to the bartenders, the owner of the dump we were playing at, and maybe 10 people not part of the establishment.

My wife HATED me to do these bar gigs, because sometimes we ONLY made money from the empty pickle jar we had in the front of the super small stage we were on.

To be fair, these were during the week extra money gigs, because the better money was on the weekend gigs with the full band.

These were the early years when things were tough, and you had to play wherever you could play for money.

Obviously all these type of gigs eventually paid off later.

When you can play dumps for 2-3 people as a duet, and still look happy and still be able to talk to the crowd, and still enjoy what you're doing, then you can play ANY gig anywhere.

I play a little slide, and most of it was on country tunes like Brooks and Dunn's "Boot Scootin' Boogie.

I could do the slide on that one pretty decent, but not like you're slide work on a resophonic guitar.

I own A LOT of really good guitars, but I never bought a resophonic guitar because I didn't have to much use for it in the gigs I was doing.

Also you HAVE to make a commitment to resophonic guitar to get REALLY good at it.

For the record Daniel, I no longer play out, and I stopped gigging after 28 yrs. back in '09.

I really missing being on stage at festivals and doing all the open acts I did over the years.

MY main hobby now days is buying as many great used guitars as I can get my hands on.

Most guys here on this forum know me as just some dude that scores a lot of AMAZING deals on guitars from pawnshops.

I do have a really good job as an outside salesman, which allows me to hit pawnshops ALL day during my sales calls.

I'm VERY good as a salesman because when you're out gigging for years, you have to sell yourself as a person and part of the band as a business.

I respect that you're still out on the road gigging and making a living doing it Daniel.

My son who's 31, and who just got married the past July 17, is also a musician,but makes me look like I'm just learning to play guitar and sing.

He is a VERY gifted guitar player and singer.

I was never as good a guitar player or singer as he is.

I really wanted him to make a living playing music because he could have done very well for himself.

He decided he wanted to use his talent for the "Almighty" and is presently the music director and videographer/editor for a local Mega Church.

He started in the church back in '09,and 2 yrs. later the band went to LA to record 2 Christian albums.

He wrote about 1/2 of the music on the 1st album, and almost all of it on the 2nd album.

The second album went to #16 the Christian Billboard charts for about a month and got into the top 200 albums on Billboard the same month.

Even though he works as a music director and videographer/ editor for the church, he's still a rocker at heart.

He grew up listening to 70's and 80's rock that I played around the house.

Even though I made my money in Country Rock bands, I'm a 70's Classic rocker at heart.

My son LOVES '70's classic rock , but listens to all rock.

By the way Daniel, my name is Skip,and my son's name is Aaron. I figured I know your real name, I might as well tell you mine.

Here's a few sample videos of him singing lead some great rock tunes.

Here's Led Zep tune

John Vasco

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Dec 11, 2008
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Rockabilly 69/ Daniel turned it into a street cred thread,
And then it just had a life of its own after that.

See rockabilly69's post # 364.

This is ground zero of the 1st street cred post.

I guess he made the assumption that I'd never played out on the road or on concert stages, or I didn't know any people in the business.

I never questioned his background, and I even complimented him when I found out who he was on youtube.

I apologize Tag for RB69/Daniel and I taking over your thread.

I did however defend PRS guitars, and I tried to explain why some guys don't like them.

I guess rockabilly69 didn't agree with my explanation.

Sorry Tag

John Vasco

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Dec 11, 2008
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OK, so I think I have got to the core of the ban. TAG quoted a post of yours (which has since been deleted), and replied.

Texsunburst59 said:

So this kind of sounds like a shot to me bear that's okay I'm beyond all that.

so your remarks are kind of passive aggressive .

so if I wanted to be an a-hole I could say oh yeah bear well let me hear how good a singer or guitar player you are compared to my son.

I'm sure you're probably a better guitar player and a better singer than him but I won't do that cuz that's not what this is about .

this guy did a let me show what I've done in my career and all he did was say hey here's what I've done.

he didn't know me from anybody he just assumed I was a bedroom player, and probably thought I was an inferior musician compared to him.

Now since you were a little passive aggressive toward me, I guess I'll ask a question .and show me some of your guitar playing and let me hear you sing .

I know you've been a big deal on this foruml

for a long time.

I assume you have more talent than my 31 yr. old son right?

You're endorsed by Collins guitars out is Austin Tx right ?

My son has no endorsements from anyone, and with his , he easily could.

Well just for fun Beat, I calling YOU out in front of ALL of the respected musicians on this forum.

Post your best recordings or videos and PROVE to ALL the people on this forum who've respected you ALL these years as a hot shot guitar player, that YOU have more talent than a NOBODY kid who's a music director at a church .

If you won't participate in my request, then quit TGP.

This just means you're TOO embarrassed to be humbled by a kid.

Have the Nuts to do this, or you're just a tan pants wearing hack who's daddy paid companies to give you endorsements.

Balls in your court and the clock is ticking.

For the record, I haven't even posted my son's best work.

I'll give until 6 pm central standard time to post your stuff.

You better go and practice your but off, because I haven't even posted his classical guitar playing.

I also hope you sing buddy.

I just started the stop watch. 6 pm GO!!!!

Tic, tic, tic,.........................

You've been officially called out BIG BOY!!!

PS- You have a Hal/Leonard Book TOO?


This might be a little humiliating for you.

You might want to quit TGP after this goes down.

You might even lose you're endorsements after this all goes down.

I SO glad I'm not YOU and have to tell your peers how a nobody kid ripped you a NEW one.

This is going down in TGP history books.

I PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TAG said:
I take it you do not know Jostein is a professional jazz musician who has instructional books out and is one of the best players on here???
You really need to cool it.

I think this is where the whole shit took off.

John Vasco

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Dec 11, 2008
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Page 23, from a Mod:

Posts reported and deleted, infraction and thread ban issued. Please take Rule 1 of TGP’s Terms & Rules prior to posting in this or any other thread. Thanks.

So, Tex, it appears you do not have a total ban, but just a thread ban. That's how I read it.

Impressive CV of yours!



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Jan 9, 2011
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I know EXACTLY who TAG is.

He was the poster boy for "Dumble" tone for many years here on TGP.
Holy cow, we’re talking about the same guy that this hilarious video was made about? I have laughed my ass off at this video many times, only vaguely knew who the guy was. I didn’t know he was still around.

Guy Named Sue

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Sep 8, 2017
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You really went wild with the banana emoji didn't ya? Lol

Someone actually wrote "He insultet Gibson" lol buncha gatekeepers.

Tim Plains

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Feb 10, 2008
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I read stuff and research gear over there but don't post any more because the mods suspended then banned me for dumb reasons I won't mention since MLP is a sister site, they're watching me, and the mods here are in order on it, I know they are. Trust no one and don't look up outdoors because they have satellites. :laugh2:

I later messaged them on FB and someone lifted the ban.


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Jan 23, 2009
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It’s that way on all forums, folks think they know someone and begin to make general assumptions and fail miserably, likewise we think we know someone based off of an alter ego on a forum where someone lets their hair down and acts a fool and everyone thinks that guy or gals a fool, “judging books by covers”

It’s the internet and no one care who’s dick is bigger, how many guitars you have, how many chicks you’ve banged or who you know, Nashville is like Asheville, it’s filled with snobs, homeless and fuckin weirdos


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Oct 28, 2010
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You don't need an account to view the pages at TGP.

I know that, because I just read the whole thing, and today is the very first time I have EVER visited TGP. The site might be a "sister site" to MLP, but that's about all I know about the place. I have no interactions with moderators on any other websites whatsoever.

I have read on this website that the moderators don't seem to be as libertine when it comes to thread content as the mods on MLP... but that's just hearsay to me. As I said: I don't hang out there, and wouldn't know anybody from over there unless they're a member here as well.

While I'm at it:

I'm not sure why you felt that you should advertise your quarrel with somebody on another website on this website. It's not as though we were likely to appreciate having something of this nature imported onto MLP...

Not our problem, dude.

And we'd really like to keep it that way. ;)

--R :thumb:
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Uncle Vinnie

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Jul 2, 2017
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Go get screenshots.
None of us have accounts over there.

Yeah. We all got banned years ago.

I think they shut me down for writing "hell" or something like that. They're not a very open-minded lot.


Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice
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Feb 2, 2021
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2003 I think…


I got the ban hammer.
For bullsh!t.

Got back in to plea my case with the Mod Squad.
Absolutely no reason for their actions beyond a couple kiddies using their mommy’s computer unsupervised and starting Kindergarten sh!t.
It turned into a dogpile beat-down.
I was WAY outnumbered by fxcking morons.

Never went back.


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May 15, 2020
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tbh i could prolly get banned every time i visit TGP. I have added some input to the trolling post.


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Jan 12, 2011
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TGP….they have a good classifieds. I loved the thread from a couple months ago with the fierce debate over the obviously fake R9 - brought quite a few laughs.

I maybe have a handful of posts total. Just not my forum. I’m partial to the discussions we have here.

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