I Just Drove by Mike B's House

Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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Mike was my first "guitar friend". We were in 8th grade.
"Hey Tim, why don't you bring over your guitar after school tomorrow?"
"I will be there."

I walked the 2 miles to his house HEAVY Hondo 2 LP in my hand.

I arrived-THE RICH part of town,

Hit the bell, Mike appeared,

"Hey Angus,

He called me Angus- I didn't mind

"Mike, you are RICH."
"Ahhh the old man is ----he drinks---his job is HARD!"

I handed him my Hondo 2,

"Nice. Let's jam."

We went into the basement. Mike had several amps. I plugged into a PigNose. He played a Strat copy into a Peavey.
"Alright Tim, what do you know?"
"Ummmm.............TNT? Whole Lotta? Gimme Three Steps?

We sat there. We could not play while standing.

The jam? It was a BUST-Like EVERY "jam" I have ever been to. We played"half-songs" without the leads-riffs were OK-leads were VERY HARD.

Mike was VERY important in encouraging me to continue playing. WAY BACK in 1980-no cheating-you had Mel Bay books and smelly JAZZ guy teachers -they DISDAINED "ROCK"---"YOU MUST SIGHT READ!"


I also had another guitar cronie= Dave S.

Dave and I actually did a two part Stairway in my back yard, seated of course.
One night I went over Dave's this was when we were Seniors. He had a Red Iceman. I heard KILLERS being played note for note? I entered garage,

"Tim, meet Tim Kelly. He is here to teach us."


That cat could play! Dave and I just sat there STONED and in awe. Tim played EVERY Maiden and Priest song!RIP.


Mike disappeared after HS. Dave I met up with again when his band and mine played several Battle of The Bands. We both lost. This was in the early 90's. I ran into Dave 10 years ago. He was shampooing carpets in a house I worked in,

'Dave, it's Tim."
"Holy S. You still play?"
"No- I had a "comeback" in 2007-2008---now? Hell, I write prose. I'LL NEVER PLAY IN ANOTHER BAND<Yeah, sure>
"Me too. Our band got gigs,but, drugs+drink+SINGERS!"

We shook hands. I hope he is OK.

Hard to believe that a "hobby" I took up 40 years ago would have such an impact on my life, just think if Dave, Mike, and I collected stamps? Today I would be ? BANNED FROM EVERY STAMP FORUM!

Dave+Mike---------if you are reading this. Call me, maybe we can jam together some time-----OR NOT!
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Tim Fezziwig

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Jan 20, 2010
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I got so much better when I started seeing LEGEND bands from three feet away at City Gardens-Slayer/Deth first tour, Buttholes, Cramps, Ramones.....

So, guitar is not a mystery-just hammer away with passion- AND LOUD VALVES! Windmill-LEAN into the chords!I still LOVE watching guys play= mdubya and Vic JAM. I was impressed.

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