I got me an OX !!!


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Apr 7, 2008
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Tracks sound awesome - are you doing any compression / effects on the Mac or is that all OX?
I’ve been playing with mine the last month and I’m now looking at picking up an Apollo... those UA price tags though.
Cheers! On the first / clean one there is nothing, all ox. On the second I'm using the studer 800 tape plugin on the master track to just help my lead gel into the backing a bit.

First clip I'm using a JBL speaker in ox, second a Marshall 4x12 with vintage greenbacks.

On the Apollo I have a mixed experience. With the pc usb version it was endless issues I couldn't resolve. I gave up and got a Mac and thunderbolt version. Basically plug and play and worked flawlessly ever since so keep that in mind.

The UAD stuff is pricey but it is good. Luna is awesome also and free with the Apollo. As a recording newbie I much preferred it to pro tools as for someone who thinks in analog workflow it just replicates all that pretty logically

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