I got a business idea, tell me what you think...Not guitar related


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Oct 4, 2010
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I think maybe using the word business could have been a rather strong word at this point. Right now I'm thinking more along the lines of just getting my name out there, word of mouth, people saying hey I know this guy and he helped me find a car, he's a master tech and could save you from buying a piece of crap like he did for me. More or less if I could make a few extra bones a week from it to buy my kids some more toys or go out to dinner that would be awesome. "if" it did get to the point of having my phone bombarded from people wanting my service I could always take it farther and make a full business out of it. I think just being honest with people is the key to repeat business or positive word of mouth.

I am unsure if hooking up with sellers would benefit anything because it could lead the consumer to believe that I'm on the same side as the seller and helping them sell the car. I used to sell cars before I repaired them and wouldn't wanna be on that end. These are all excellent thoughts and ideas! Maybe I could charge a higher flat fee plus so much per mile I gotta drive to inspect it? And stick with high end European cars which I know best? Maybe I could take my iPad and Bluetooth printer and print them out a car fax right there on the spot? Car fax doesn't show everything though, it only shows insurance claims on that vin. If a guy was backing his boat in the water and accidentally backed the truck in also, then just decided to tow it home air dry it out and try to sell it, this won't be on a car fax.

People in south Florida are really into convenience and the thought of me coming to them instead of them having to work out a deal with the seller to take the car to a shop to have it put in the air might score some points also. My thinking gears are turning, thanks for all the constructive comments!!

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