humbucker humming when coil splitting ?


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Oct 11, 2012
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The Fenders a lot of people do a custom shielding all over the back of the pick guard and cavity of the guitar and solder the shielding tape edges to make sure all the foil is grounded. And when you put the pickguard back on, it transfers from the cavity to the pick guard and creates a box so to say that helps eliminate all out side interference.

[ame=]Stratocaster - Steve's Copper Foil Shielding - YouTube[/ame]

For a LP It is a little harder as the inside of the guitar where the pickup wires are ran to the holes for the body are sometimes not treated with the shielding paint and you can pick up noise from your longer pickup leads. I have to shorten my DiMarzio leads from the Crunch Labs pickups to as short as they can cut down on the outside noise.

I tried it but really did not make a noticeable difference.


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Jun 27, 2010
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Sheilding can help alot if done correctly. What meny people forget is that its not only the cavity that needs sheilding but the inside of the cavity cover as well. Many people doing their own sheild never do the inside of the covers, and dont overlap the cover sheilding with the cavity sheild, essentially creating a copper box around the pots and wiring on a LP style cavity. On a Strat, you have to do the same for it to do the best job it can.

But that said, even with proper sheilding there are lots of other environmental causes of hum. If I sit to close to my PC and moniter while playing, it will hum realy bad.

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