How's this look to you guys?

Kevin James

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Aug 22, 2010
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Actually, the neck joint looks a bit like the one shown for the '62 in this thread:

Actually, that is a late '62, as early '62s had heels like the '61. Unfortunately, the thread I linked does not have a pic of a '68.

What I see is two missing knobs and a missing electronic cavity plate. Replacements may (or may not) be easy and/or inexpensive to find. And also, I would want a good explanation of WHY the cavity plate is missing.

And, as always, playing it will tell the tale.

The Guitar in the OP's link could be as early as 66 and as late as 68.

The tell tale signs are: The neck heel, it is the first version of the long joint/heel which was introduced in early 66 and remained unchanged until sometime in early-mid 68 when the heel was re-shaped. Also, you have the narrow nut, the batwing guard and the large routed control cavity. You also have witch hats which although easily changed would eliminate 66 and point to 67 or 68 (IF they were not added later).

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