How to Teach the Gibson Bully a Lesson


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Jun 25, 2015
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As a big fan of Gibson guitars I am very disappointed by the attitudes of the people who run that company. Gibson would be better off spending money on people who would take care of quality control, R&D, etc, than wasting money on jerkoff lawyers who keep suing everyone around the globe. No wonder Gibson guitars are so damn expensive - the lawyers have to get paid somehow.

Elvis did not sue any Elvis impersonators. He was the original and the impersonators were copycats. Did he even care that some guys were copying him? Gibson should adopt the same attitude, "We are The Gibson brand. Yeah, we know about those other guys that make similar guitars.... well, they are copycats." And they could thank all the copycats for free advertising.

So, I'm curious to know what ideas might people have to teach them a lesson.

I have an idea. I know it's not possible to pull it off, but like I said, I'm curious to know what other ideas people come up with.

My idea - to unite every single guitar maker around the globe and have them all make exact replicas of Gibson guitars (without the logo). Gibson would son realize they'd have to spend more money on lawyers than on production.

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